Winter bird feeding tips

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Winter is the season of chill and breeze in which bird feeling becomes a challenging task. Winter opens some hurdles in easy working and smooth going. In such instances, it becomes somehow difficult to keep the utmost care of petted birds and handling of their feeds in winter. The variety of winter bird petting varies from country to country and from state to states. Whatever the sort of winter birds you keep; feeding birds in winter becomes a challenging task.

But nothing is to worry; you can accept this challenge by using squirrel proof bird feeder. Another choice that you can made for feeding your birds is platform feeders. If you want to see most un-obstructive and non-cunning view of birds feeding scene then use such platform feeders. The peculiarity of such feeders are they are larger in seizes and let more birds to take food simultaneous. Moreover, you can also use hopper feeders, tube feeder or globe feeders for your petted birds as well.

The utmost choices of feeders for winter bird feeding:

Now handling and feeding of birds is not more a challenging task. You can accomplish bird feeding with ease and without hurdles by using the winter feeders like:

  • Platform feeders
  • Hopper feeders
  • tube feeders
  • globe feeders
  1. Platform feeders A best Squirrel proof bird feeder:

Platform feeders are the utmost choice for bird feeding. Platform feeders come in variety of designs and sizes. One of uniqueness that you can add up in platform feeder embraces a roof over it. This roof can protect the squirrels to attach the feeder. That is why platform feeders are also consider to be Squirrel proof bird feeder, Platform feeders are designed in a way that can be attached to the walls, can hang and can also attach with the tree as well. Such feeders are best to be used for:

  • cardinals,
  • titmice,
  • juncos,
  • jays,
  • towhees,
  • chickadees,
  • native sparrows,
  • doves.
  • 2.  Hopper feeders – Comes with counter balance system:

Hopper feeder is unique in their facet of large size. They are large enough to hold massive amount of seeds in them. Hopper feeders come in many decorative styles and thus look chic when kept at home. Another unique facet of hopper feeder is, they are Squirrel proof bird feeder and works on counter balance system.

  1. Tube feeders:

Tube feeders are erected in a way that they are having long tubes with feeding ports. Such ports are usually present along and around the tube. Some of the tube feeders also come with cardinal rings with lower or longer perches.

  1. Globe feeders Best winter feeders for small birds:

Globe feeders are considered to be best feeders for smaller birds. Such feeders are also well known as “satellite feeders”. Such feeders are perch less and the birds have to cling at the bottom in order to eat from such feeders.

Winter season brings some challenges for the bird and pet keepers. If you are a bird keeper, you can best take care of your birds feed by using squirrel proof bird feeder

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