Ideas for a Bird Feeding Station

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Whether you are looking to feed a squirrel, bird or anything else, you want to have a good bird feeding station in.  Now, to be honest, when you feed an animal it’s much more than just about being kind and helping an animal out.  For many, they see it as a daily ritual or sometimes, even a hobby however, watching the birds eat and play in your back garden can be very fun and amazing.  You can stop and watch many amazing birds go about their daily lives in the comfort of your own property.

However, having a good constructed feeding station can be the difference in having one bird show up and having several!  You never want to use the wrong feeding station especially if you want lots of birds coming to your garden, however, what does make the best feeding station for birds?  Do you need to spend lots to attract a bird?

How You Should Start

First of all, you need to start with gathering lots of different types of feeders.  This means you need to have lots of variety in order to create a good feeding station.  You don’t just want to stick to smaller platforms or feeding stations because larger birds can’t feed from them especially if they have balance on smaller platforms.  So you will want to have a variety of platforms, large and small; and you need to use some tube wire feeders or cylinder ones that allow smaller birds to feed easily.

Don’t Go Cheap

At times, it can be very wise to avoid going for the cheaper feeding stations because it won’t look good or be effective.  That goes the same for food because you don’t want to choose cheap wild bird foods because they aren’t good for the birds.  Most of the time, the birds will end up throwing the food on the floor so go for good quality foods.  Though, if you want a squirrel proof bird feeder, try to avoid foods that the squirrels will go for.

Ideas for a Bird Feeding Station

You might not want to spend a lot of money on your feeding station but to be honest, just spending a few dollars extra will be better than wasting money on foods the birds don’t want.  What is more, if you buy cheaper foods, do a little bird watching for a while and see how the birds interact with the food – if they don’t like it or throw it away then you know you need to spend a little more on the bird seed!

Choose Sunflower Seeds in the Station

You should try to get a good variety of seeds including sunflower and even safflower seeds.  Both can be great because they are often wanted by birds; though, they don’t usually get thrown away by the birds and even though they are a little more costly, they are some of the better options.  However if you want to save money, go for larger bags of seeds so that you can save money on the food.  However, birding and watching the life in your garden can be fun.

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