How to Attract Birds to Your Yard

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If you love birds and want to attract them to your bird feeder, you are going to want to know the different methods to bring them to your garden.  Of course, there are lots of methods to help bring in birds to your garden and your feeder but if done correctly, you can help your little friends out so much.  Dozens of birds visit your feeder each and every day and that does mean that there are going to be many different species.  However, there are going to be times when the birds don’t seem to want to visit your feeder.

Attracting the Birds Back To Your Feeder

So, how can you get the birds back to your feeder?  Well, to be honest, you need to start off with buying a feeder.  That might seem too obvious but it is for a good reason because you do need to have a bird feeder in order to bring in the birds.  However, you need to buy a feeder that is going to bring in the birds – you want something that is appealing and simple.  If the feeder is too difficult the birds won’t want to come especially if they can’t get to the food so a simple feeder works best.

Attracting the Birds Back To Your Feeder

However, you will want to choose the most appropriate foods.  This means going for foods which appeal to all the birds out there – if you want just a certain type of bird then choose the food they love.  However, if you want a variety of birds coming to your feeder, then you are going to want to choose lots of different nuts, seeds, fruits even.  There are lots of different types of food that you can choose when it comes to attracting the birds so think about that when it comes to adding food to your feeder.

Choosing a Bird Bath or Ornamental Features

If you are looking to attract more birds, you might want to consider a bird bath or ornamental feature.  This can be a really great and simple way to bring in more birds; birds love water and love a good bird bath so having one around your feeder can be beneficial.  However, you do need to have clean water so that the birds are willing to visit your feeder.  At times, squirrel proof bird feeders can be helped with some ornamental features like wooden birds or something similar.

Though, you do need to be a little wary over the area around your feeder.  If you don’t have a particularly nice area or have lots of cats hanging around, you might and probably won’t get any birds arriving at your feeder.  Most birds don’t want to see cats or any animals around them and if they do, they get scared off because of the lingering fear.  This is why today it will be so important to improve the area around the feeder so that the birds are attracted to your feeder.  It will be worth it when it comes to getting more birds coming to your bird feeder.

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