Cockatiel Bird Cages

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These small, gray Australian parrots with yellow crested heads make great pets, so it is the duty of the owner to choose an appropriate cage. However, finding the right type of cockatiel bird cages may become an issue, if you do not consider a few small but essential points before making a purchase.

Selecting A Cockatiel Bird Cage

Selecting a cockatiel bird cage depends greatly on your knowledge about the breed requirements. That way, a cockatiel – being a very energetic breed – requires ample space to hop and flutter. A large sized cage is therefore a prerequisite.

Cockatiels forage a lot from the ground; thus, cockatiel bird cages need a large base to act as the floor area for walking around and searching for tidbits. An 18 square inch floor is thus the minimum requirement for a cockatiel birdcage; the more, the merrier. However, the price may increase from a mere $25 to four times that amount.

Cockatiel Bird Cages

Any bird cage requires cleaning on a regular basis and ease of cleaning becomes an important factor to consider. Cockatiel bird cages sporting grated bottoms (better, if there is a removable tray beneath) make for an ideal choice; it shall allow collecting all the debris (bird droppings, shed feathers, excess food etc.) resulting in an easy cleaning and more sanitary conditions. The result is an odor-free room and a healthier environment, both inside and outside the cage. Regarding the height, a cockatiel cage needs to be tall but must not be as tall as that of a Macaw’s; the height must be equal or a couple of inches greater than the overall length of the cage. That way, a 24-inch tall cage would prove just fine.

Coming to the materials, it is more about your personal preference than standardized ideas. Materials vary from ordinary plastics to stainless steel though wood, wrought iron or high-density polymers like ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) make for highly decorative bird cages. The gap between the bars (i.e. bar spacing) must be wide apart so as not to bar the outside view yet close enough to stop the bird from sticking out its head.

Being a breed that’s more active than many of the similar-sized birds, putting a couple of toys inside the cage is going to keep the cockatiel happy. As long as the toy jingles when picked at, it is going to suit the bird fine.

Now, let’s come to the most vital part – its availability. While renowned pet shops keep a large array of bird cages available, there also exists a chance that they do not have the style you are looking for. Or it may happen so that you do not get a larger option to choose from. It is thus a wise move to find out the designs online; if you are not willing to go for online purchases, providing the specifications to a pet store shall help you to get your choice of cage and an elegant home for your prized cockatiel for at least a couple of years. When you get bored of the design, follow the same procedure to procure a new can find more information about feeder here.

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