Choosing Bird Food: What Foods Bring In the Birds

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At times, it can be tough to know which bird foods work best for your bird feeder.  However, if you love birds and love to see them hanging around your garden and want to bring them to your feeder more, do you know how you can bring them there?  Maybe but then again, maybe not, and there are going to be times when you really don’t know which bird food works best.  There are many who have bird feeders in the back of their garden and end up having a host of animals visiting them apart from birds!

This is a big problem that lots of people find and more often than not, they have trouble in finding the right bird food for their feeder.  However, there are plenty of great options to consider when it comes to feeding birds.

What to Feed the Birds?

One of the more popular options is black oil sunflower seed.  These are quite good to draw in the birds and most bird feeders today have these seeds in their feeds.  Though, these feeders are certainly going to be quite popular because lots of animals love these seeds.  However, if you want ground feeding birds to visit you such as sparrows, then you could just stick to white millet.

Of course, different birds love different things and there are going to be times when you choose foods which don’t appeal to some species so you might want to consider a few different options in order to bring in more animals.  Though, for most, they use cracked corn; they don’t use this inside their feeders but rather around the bird feeder in order to bring in doves.  However, most of the times, doves aren’t going to be in your area but just in case they are, you can really use cracked corn to attract them.

Choosing Bird Food What Foods Bring In the Birds

Use a Variety of Options

If you want to have a variety of birds coming to your feeder, you are going to want to choose lots of different seeds and foods.  Fruits and safflower can be great options to also consider but having a variety is great to bring in lots of birds.  Of course, if you don’t want a variety of birds coming into your feeder, you should just stick to one or two options.  Sometimes, one bird is enough – maybe you aren’t someone who wants to have four or five different types of birds.  If not, just stick to one or two types of foods.

Choose Carefully

To be honest, there are going to be lots of people who are going to say that they still aren’t sure which foods are best to choose from, however, there are lots of amazing options.  You just need to choose carefully and know what sort of birds you want to attract because if you do, you will easily be able to choose the right bird feed.Here you can find more detail about Squirrels proof Bird Feeders : and  Of course, you don’t need to choose fruit or seeds but they can be really good.  Birds need lots of different foods when it comes to eating properly and even if you just choose a few; your feeder can be full with birds.

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